See and feel world-famous masterpieces! This is art appreciation using all five senses! The appearance of the pieces can change depending on the angle of viewing. Above, below, left, right; it's fun to view them from different perspectives. Hey, is that flat or is it 3D? Let's try touching it and find out.
They look even more like 3D when you take a photograph. Let's take some fun, physically impossible pictures.
Pets may enter the museum with you. Also, you may use the café in the building. How about taking a trick photo together with your pet for a fun souvenir? Pets may enter the museum with you. Also, you may use the café in the building. How about taking a trick photo together with your pet for a fun souvenir?
We have posted some prior submissions on our homepage. Could we put your photo on our homepage and posters? Tagged submissions on Facebook and Instagram are welcome! We're also planning to hold a trick photo contests with prizes! #trickartkaruizawa
The Museum’s parking lot is situated at the most convenient location for sightseeing in Kyu-Karuizawa. Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza is just one minute away from the Museum’s walkway. The parking lot is equipped with a security camera. Parking for museum customers is free for 90 minutes. We suggest going out the back of the parking lot, taking a walk through the woods around the whole area, and then walking down Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza to come back. Our parking lot is the cheapest around, and we look forward to seeing you.

At ZaCafe ART aLIVE, you will find foods and beverages made from choice ingredients, such as coffee from organic beans and smoothies made using apples from Nagano Prefecture. The café also has a corner with books and magazines and a kids’ corner, both of which are very popular. Drop in to enjoy a leisurely tea while your kids play next to you.

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Our shop on the 1st floor has many unique gifts, such as 8八8(Triple Eight)T-Shirts, postcards, one-of-a-kind posters and other items featuring the beautiful nature of Karuizawa. 

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About Karuizawa
In 1888, Canadian missionary Alexander Croft Shaw visited this area and, charmed by its scenic natural beauty, opened a vacation home here. Subsequently, many celebrities built villas in Karuizawa, and a shopping district grew up to serve the residents of the villas. Karuizawa has now become a resort area that can be enjoyed year round. The area is now known and loved by celebrities worldwide, as seen by the fact that even Bill Gates has built a vacation home here.

The area around Kyu-Karuizawa is ideal for walking.
A stroll through the area around Kyu-Karuizawa’s Ginza Street lets you enjoy Rev. Shaw’s old site, historic architecture, the tennis court where the emperor and empress first met, and more. The walking course leads you through tranquil, forested villas and in the summer, you can enjoy the cool breeze as sunshine filters down through the trees. We recommend the following course: Museum parking lot → the back road and off through the woods → the tennis court where the emperor and empress met → the church → souvenir shopping in the area → the Museum. A visit to the Museum takes about one hour.

Have lots of fun, even on bad weather days.
Karuizawa is an enjoyable place to experience nature, but on rainy days there are not that many places to visit. Our activities can be enjoyed by couples, families, and groups. And after the rain stops, the moist trees and flowers glisten brilliantly, making for an enjoyably mysterious scene. Be sure to take a walk around the area and discover the many fine places for taking pictures.

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